Sunday, October 11, 2009

Listen!Listen! “On The Water” official music video (HD)


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It’s finally here! The debut music video from listenlisten’s debut full length [Hymns From Rhodesia] comes the second single [after "Safe Home, Safe Home In Port!"], “On The Water.” Shot on location in beautiful west Texas, listenlisten take the look of an old spaghetti western with the feel of a classic Twilight Zone episode to tell of story of nature and survival. Take a walk with three strangers (none of who are band members) into the lonely desert and discover how the dehydrated soul fights to stay alive.

Listen!Listen! “On The Water” official music video (HD)

Here’s a word from director Bryan Forrester:

“The first time I saw/heard Listen!Listen! I knew their music would fit my directing style. I instantly wanted to work with them. Ben and I talked after the show and then a year went by….
I was just off of a project and I was looking for new one when I got a call from Ben about shooting a video for their upcoming album. I got an advanced copy and fell in love with it! The original concept for On the Water was ultimately told to me as “we want a guy who gets stabbed with a maple tap and water comes out. Make it subtle, timeless, an violent.” maybe not an exact quote, but it was the original concept in a nutshell. I had my friend, poster artist Anville sketch out my storyboards, I threw together an animatic and the band gave their ok. The whole preproduction process took about a month, which is very fast for me. We rented a house about 20 min from the Mexican border and shot the video in 3 days! The whole process was amazing and I really look forward to working with Listen!Listen! for a while to come.”

-Bryan Forrester
Ghostland Digital

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