Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike

The Hurricane was last week, and we finally got power back. Jamie and I are finally home! Huzzah! Hurricane Ike, was a very powerful storm and the repercussions of the hurricane will be felt in the Houston are for some time to come. The gas supply is low around town and people are getting their power back. I don't think i want to go through another one of those things. 
Jamie and I made a mad dash north the after the storm, and there was only one gas station open between Houston and Huntsville. There were no lights the entire way north, so we got freaked out and turned around and admitted defeat. So we stayed at home a sweated, just like everyone else. I was miserable. 

Got the USPFX.com web video finished this week. It's on the Vimeo tool bar, so check it out! Still working on the Blythe project, hopefully it will be finished before my big shoot on Oct 23rd. 

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